Tube and Core machines

Our machine range destined for paper tube manufacturing covers a major part of the tube characteristics which can be found on the market. Do you wish to manufacture a simple product or even a complex product with specified techniques which is difficult to execute? We are here to help you with your project.

TCM Solutions, which is always on the cutting edge and always and in constant search for good performance, offers ergonomic and highly automated lines to produce quality spiral tubes with a manufacturing process adapted to your yield.  Each line is easily adjustable and may be equipped with an automatic palletiser to enable fast production at stable speeds while satisfying your qualitative demand.

Diameter range :

  • Min.interior – 10 mm (0.4″)
  • Max.exterior – 1600 mm (63″)

Thickness range:

  • Min. 1 mm (0.04″)
  • Max. 25 mm (1″)

Length specifications (re-cutting:

  • Min. 18 mm (0.7″)
  • Max. 400 mm (20″)

Length specifications (in-line cutting):

  • Min. single cutting – 250 mm (10″)
  • Min. multi-cutting – 48 mm (1.9″)
  • Max. – no limits


More than a simple creel, our creel technology optimises speed and production cost. As well as having optimised ergonomics to satisfy a compact integration, our creels make it possible to anticipate the raw material loading in order to simplify the operator’s work with safety and a good performance. Offering many options, we are able to unwind any type of paper as well as low grammage paper with an automatic raw material splicing in order to keep the continuous tube manufacturing process going.



A controlled gluing process is the secret to good tube quality. Through the individual setting precision of each ply of paper, our gluepot perfectly controls the tension applied in the paper ply as well as the glue quantity, not leaving anything to chance by using a traditional gluepot for the gluing.

Its design which was created to be precise and easy to set allows you to be efficient with your setting times when changing production. Developed over a wide range, we can integrate the gluepot adapted to your paper thickness into your line of production.



Production speed depends on spiralling speed, which is why we have developed a range of machines allowing for the removal of the slipping ply under the spiralling belts. Designed to be able to produce at high speed, our 4-drum spiral winder has a belt transmission system allowing perfect synchronisations of the rotation speeds as well as standard dynamics.P



Our in-line tube cutters are divided into 2 very distinct ranges. A single knife range mainly destined for cutting large tube lengths and a multiple knife range for cutting small lengths with precision and speed.

All our tube cutters are automated in such a way that they can set the machine in full safety. They are actively motorised by servo motor activators through a design enabling robustness and dynamics, which allows us to be the leader in in-line paper tube cutting today.



Destined for ring production, our re-cutter combines precision and a high re-cutting pace. Its tangential servo motor cutting system makes it possible to take control of a cutting penetration, thus allowing to preserve tools and guarantee the setting of the machine by the operator in full safety.

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